We offer medical  cannabis prescriptions under the Drug Science T21 Project.

To enable patients to access appropriate medical cannabis treatment we are able to offer you treatment under the Drug Science T21 project.
We support you in finding the most effective treatment for the management of your symptoms.
Patients with stable control of symtpoms can book appointments and repeat prescriptions when needed.
Our focus is on patient wellness and enhancing quality of life and functional capacity.

Registration fee £29.99*
– includes medical record access
 – waived if provided in the correct format
 – waived with proof of financial hardship (benefits, students etc.)

Patients registered under Project T21:
New patient appointment £99.99 (approx. 30 mins)
Follow up appointment £49.99 (approx. 15 mins)
First prescription charged at £29.99
Repeat prescriptions (3 medications or less) £19.99*
Case review with prescription £29.99

Ticket portal support – free
Clinical telephone support – this may be charged as a telephone consult/case review.

Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

Medical cannabis controlled drug prescriptions are written for 1 month supply.
Prescriptions are posted to a specialist pharmacy (of your choice).
Prescriptions will expire after 28 days^
Flower prescriptions are generally restricted to THC levels of up to 26%
Flower prescriptions are generally restricted to 30 grams per month.

^ expired or patient requested prescription changes will be charged at the standard rate.
* multiple pharmary or >3 items carry an additional admin fee for postage