With Dr Andrew Bradford



With Dr Andrew Bradford

Single Session Psychotherapy

Single Session Therapy is a focused and efficient approach to counseling that aims to provide significant therapeutic benefit within a single meeting. This model is particularly useful for individuals seeking immediate assistance with a specific issue or those who may not be able to commit to ongoing therapy. Working collaboratively with the client, clear goals for the session are established, utilising techniques tailored to address the client’s immediate needs. By the end of the session, clients often experience relief, gain new insights, and develop strategies to cope with their challenges.

Resource Therapy

Resource Therapy is an innovative and rapid therapeutic approach that focuses on activating the client’s innate resources to overcome psychological issues. This therapy is based on the premise that everyone possesses the necessary resources within themselves to heal and grow. The therapist guides the client through processes that help them access and utilize these resources, such as inner strength, resilience, and positive memories. Resource Therapy is particularly effective for treating trauma, phobias, and anxiety, often achieving significant results in a relatively short period.

Human Givens Therapy

Human Givens Therapy is a therapeutic approach that is grounded in the understanding of innate human needs and emotional health. This therapy focuses on addressing the fundamental ‘givens’ of human nature, such as the need for attention, connection, and a sense of control. This approach works with clients to identify and fulfill these needs, helping them to overcome emotional distress and psychological issues.

Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Are you or a loved one struggling with cannabis addiction? Dr Bradford specialises in treating cannabis addiction and dependence. Discover a path to freedom from cannabis addiction. Read more here.

Dr Andrew Bradford

Dr Bradford is an experienced rehabilitation physician, psychotherapist and medical cannabis specialist.

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