Client Reviews

Rehabilitation Medicine, Palliative Care, Biopsychosocial Therapy & Medical Cannabis

Very attentive and helpful doctor who listens. He has good experience in choosing the right products for my pain and other symptoms.

The man knows his stuff. Talks through all the medication answers any questions. Highly recommend.

I had a very positive experience and the medication has helped hugely with tackling my insomnia thus far

Dr. Bradford has been wonderful with me. Given me appropriate information and advice about my treatment and helped me find a medium that really works for me. The oil I take has helped me reduce the amount of flower I use and helped my sleepless nights to no end. Thanks so much!

Dr Bradford is always kind and professional. I am now taking less medication from my GP because this treatment relieves my neuropathic pain well. My quality of life has vastly improved. Dr Bradford listens and I feel safe in the knowledge that he is an expert in this field.

doctor bradford treated me well and VERY fairly even tho my appointment was online the feeling of ease and calm in which the appointment was carried out was almost being sat in the room with him. all questions needed were asked and answers accepted well. and very informative.

Dr. Bradford provides excellent and straight forward advice. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.