Professional Medical Cannabis Treatment

With Dr Andrew Bradford

medical cannabis

Professional Medical Cannabis Treatment

With Dr Andrew Bradford

Discover Medical Cannabis Treatment at Our Private Clinic

Are you or a loved one seeking relief from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis spasticity, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, severe treatment-resistant epilepsy, or other health conditions? Look no further than our private clinic, where we offer personalized medical cannabis treatment tailored to your needs.

What is Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis refers to the use of cannabis and its constituents, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), for therapeutic purposes. It is a natural alternative that has shown promise in managing various health conditions.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

  • Experienced Prescribers: Our team of independent prescribers are knowledgeable and experienced in the use of medical cannabis. They stay updated with the latest research and guidelines to ensure the best possible care.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We understand that every patient is unique. Our prescribers will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that suits your specific health needs and preferences.
  • Safe and Ethical Practices: Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We adhere to strict ethical standards and ensure that all treatments are administered safely and responsibly.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our clinic offers comprehensive support throughout your treatment journey, including education on the use of cannabis, monitoring of your progress, and management of any potential side effects.

The Benefits of Cannabis

  • Relief from Symptoms: Many patients report significant improvements in their symptoms after starting medical cannabis treatment.
  • Reduced Reliance on Other Medications: Some patients find that cannabis allows them to reduce their use of other medications, potentially minimizing side effects.

  • Improved Quality of Life: By managing your symptoms effectively, cannabis can help improve your overall quality of life.

How to Get Started

To begin your journey with medical cannabis, simply book an appointment with one of our prescribers. During your consultation, we will discuss your medical history, current health conditions, and treatment goals. Based on this discussion, our prescriber will determine if cannabis is a suitable option for you and, if so, will recommend a treatment plan.

Take Control of Your Health Today

Don’t let your health conditions control your life any longer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how cannabis could benefit you.

Please note that medical cannabis is not a cure-all and may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if it is the right choice for you.

We recommend you read our FAQs for further information.

Dr Andrew Bradford is a trusted member of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

Dr Andrew Bradford

Dr Bradford is an experienced rehabilitation physician, psychotherapist and medical cannabis specialist.

  • Regulated by Quality Care Commission
  • Registered Specialist in the UK
  • Licensed Psychotherapist



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