Chronic Pain – can be feature of many conditions including trauma, degenerative disease and ageing. Chronic pain can respond to medical treatment, psychological interventions, exercise, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and medical cannabis.

Neurological symptoms – can be severely disabling and are associated with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine, brain injury, migraine, chronic fatigue and post-viral syndromes. These conditions often required integrated case management. Medication and management are specific to the condition.

Spasticity –  is commonly managed with medication, stretching, activity, physiotherapy, conventional medical treatments including botox injections and medical cannabis.

Insomnia – can be significantly disabling and is often difficult to manage with conventional treatments. Physical conditions such as chronic pain, mental health issues and restless-legs syndrome interfere with sleep and lead to a significant loss of vitality and well-being. CBTi, medications and medical cannabis treatments can be helpful.

Trauma – can lead to both physical and psychological injury. Chronic symptoms include deterioration in mental health, insomnia, disturbing dreams, social isolation, phobias and anxiety which can significantly impair lifestyle choices. A biopsychosocial approach can be helpful in reducing symptoms and helping with recovery. Treatments include medication, CBT, talk therapy and EMDR.